All of us cannot escape making a mistake since we are only humans and it’s part of our nature. Mistakes are part of life, and no matter how careful we are, we always commit errors. There are times which some mistakes are unforgivable to look, but you have to make your best because there are some people important to you. One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to love a person, someone who could love our flaws and mistakes in life. Someone who would never leave us despite hard circumstances. You know that feeling, that out of billion people in the world you only need one person to complete you, to show how beautiful the world. You just need one person to make your life bright and make your day lovely. All of us have difficult roads to take, some paths are hard, and our journey won’t be challenging without those circumstances. They say, that when you love a person, their past and present will not matter as long as you were their future. If you love the person, you will respect her/ him; you will never make anything that can hurt her/him. When we love, our problems lighten, and our stress fades away. There is someone who is there for us to help us go through life. Someone who is there to make us happy and alive. We become more happy and energetic. Challenges in life become easy for us, as long as we know someone is there to help and guide us throughout the journey.


I came from a religious family, where a family is valuable. According to my parents, the family should not take for granted, and parents should be an excellent example to the children. Every family is not perfect; there is always challenging. All my life, I dream to get married, and it became real when I met my wife, Klare. She came from Welling and worked for Welling Escorts at, and we meet an event which I attended. She is easy to get along, aside from her beauty she also has a big heart that I liked the most. But I made a mistake, I took for granted her love to me and cheated on her. I have an affair with my colleagues. I thought she would not. I was dumb and fool. I trade my wife for a short happiness. She left me alone and brought with her the kids. I was so lonely and stressful. I spent sleepless nights, and then I realized I could not live without her. So I did my best to pursue her again, and never let her go. I put a lot of efforts to get my wife back again.

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