I love having a booking from the guys, says Dottie. Chatting with them seems great, I wanted to know more about them, and that makes a date more comfortable. It must be nice for them as well. Looking at society today, I am sure that a lot of guys are very lonely. Of course, that is one f the reasons that they date escorts, but there are other reasons as well. Some guys don’t like the lake to tell me why they date escorts. Equally, I find it interesting to find out who they date. Do they date blondes or brunettes?


Most of the guys that I meet up with on a regular basis seem to be into dating blondes. A lot of my colleagues here at London escorts are blonde, so that tells me that many local guys like to date blondes. I am not so sure why that is but in this part of London, guys do seem to prefer to meet up with hot blondes for their dates. It is funny when you speak to them, as most of them do not have a preference at all. At least they don’t own up to having a preference.


We do have hot brunettes available at the agency, but they brunettes who work for London escorts seem to be less busy. Maybe it is just a trend because I have heard that guys in London are really into dating brunettes. In the center of London, it seems like the brunette is the new blonde. What makes me laugh is that guys that I speak to do not want to say if they prefer brunettes or blondes to you face, perhaps they are worried about upsetting you. After all, many of the guys I date are nice.


I had worked at other places before I worked for London escorts, smiles Tina. However, at the moment I am very settled here at the agency, and I do enjoy working here. I am one of the lucky girls, and I do have a lot of regulars who come and see me a lot. Yes, it helps to boost my income, and if the guys did not like me, they would not come and see me. It is as simple as that, and I don’t make too big a deal of it. All I know is that I am doing well.


London Escorts, are really busy. I do speak to other escorts at other agencies, and they’re always so surprised that we are busy. But then again, dating in London is expensive and a lot of the escorts in this part, offer cheaper hourly rates. I think it is the old-fashioned battle of economics which comes into play, and the dollar, or pound note, speaks the loudest. It is so expensive to live these days, and I think most of my guys are looking after their money.

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